Residency program for managers and curators


Program aimed at managers, curators and cultural agents who work on projects located in specific contexts or communities and who are interested in generating professional and affective ties that create an environment of visibility and collaboration. 

The residence is conceived as a platform for the cultural dynamization that aims to develop projects that activate exchanges of knowledge, experiences and questions between the various cultural agents from other regions or countries.

We seek entrepreneurs who have interests in artistic promotion, cultural conservation (tangible and intangible heritage) and production of cultural events.

The program proposes accommodation in our house, enhancing the stay with daily exchanges with other artists and agents that inhabit the space in a coexistence that, although being communal, allows the necessary privacy for the development of the project.

Work Spaces:

2 rooms of 6×6 and 8×6 meters respectively, ideal for meeting room and work space. We have chairs, tables, projector and screen.

Terrace of more than 300 mt2. Ideal for informal meetings and rest space.

Full internet connection


During the residency period, the Belgrade team will also attend to the basic technical demands for the development of creative projects.

Presentation of the manager and/or curator, their work and the project to be carried out in residence to the Belgrado team.

The proposal consists of taking a walk along the edges of Balvanera. An intuitive and idle route, discovering the neighborhood realizing the urban and historic context we inhabit.

Visits to different projects in the city, current exhibitions in public and private museums, art galleries and/or art spaces. Once a week the itinerary will be sent via Whatsapp

At the end of the “Puente” program, there will be a presentation in the format that you consider appropriate; conversation, open talk, etc. at “La Vitrina de Belgrado”. During one day you will be able to share your project with the public; neighbors, artists from the neighborhood and the city and agents of the Buenos Aires art scene.

Along the residency, Belgrade will be in charge of promoting the work of the cultural maker through publications on social networks, newsletters, and our website.

Casa Belgrado is an independent and self-managed art space, integrated by a team of Latin American managers and artists from different disciplines.

The cost of the residency is intended to cover accommodation, production and dissemination of the cultural project.

Fee: $800 usd p/month

We support managers and curators interested in processing their own funds through letters of invitation and/or any other material required for the management of scholarships, grants, public or private financial support, and/or institutional aid to cover the participation fee.

Residency Programs

Side A

Creation, Support and Exhibition

Side B

Research, experimentation, support and open studio